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The character of the Immaculate Conception parish is defined by deep faith and strong personal relationships.  Our small size enables us to be welcoming and very friendly; it is easy to get to know people and become involved, yet we are large enough and have enough talent to offer many programs.  IC Maplewood continues to be influenced by the LaSalette missionary priests and the lay LaSalette Associates in the parish.  Their spirituality focuses on the importance of reconciliation and accepting the goodness in other people and cultures.



IC Maplewood is led by a Parish Life Coordinator and Parish Council. Our sacramental minister, Fr. Blake, also serves St. Luke the Evangelist Parish.


A cornerstone of the Maplewood community since the early 1900's, our parish has transformed to meet the changing needs.


Dedicated to guiding decisions affecting the good of our Church, the needs of our parish, and the needs of our community. 


Immaculate Conception Maplewood was led by La Salette priests and brothers for more than 30 years. Learn more about the message of Mary at La Salette and the mission of the La Salette community in this short video. More resources can be found at the La Salette Missionaries website.

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