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All Missouri bishops have dispensed you from the obligation to attend mass until further notice. 


Those who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to someone with the virus are NOT permitted to enter church.  


Those who are  “at risk” because of underlying health issues or who are over 60 are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, for their own health to avoid the risk of attending public celebrations of the mass. 

Wearing a mask is mandatory for all, except young children.

  • Families need to remain six-feet from each other. 

  • Stationary baskets will replace offertory collection.

  • No offertory procession

  • No kiss (sign) of peace 

  • At communion time, come up the side aisles and return by the center aisle 

  • Maintain single-file, six-foot distancing at communion time using floor markings as guidelines.  Communion from the chalice is still prohibited. 

To receive communion: 

1) Say “Amen” and receive the host in your hand,

2) take two steps to the side, 

3) pull mask down below your chin and consume it,

4) then immediately place the mask back over your mouth and nose and return to your seat down the center aisle. 

  • Families depart keeping six-feet between families while still wearing masks until they get inside their cars

  • Clergy not to greet parishioners before/after mass for safety. 

  • NO receptions, social gatherings, or food following mass.

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