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Summertime...and the living is easy?

Summer 2020 is different. The summer solstice was on June 20, the longest day of the year. It is nice having sunset at 8:30 p.m. Longer days means hotter days and, yes, we have those. Summertime used to mean Cardinal baseball; but not this year. Summertime used to mean summer vacation; but COVID-19 has changed those plans for many. Summer concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, family reunions, and many other large group activities are canceled or modified. How will you spend this summer? How can WE become better disciples of Jesus? On February 26th (Ash Wednesday) we started Lent...Easter was April 12th...and Pentecost on May 31st marked the end of the Easter season. Then we celebrated Trinity and Corpus Christi Sundays. We now are in Ordinary Time. “Ordinary” refers to the numbering (ordinals) of the Sundays. The scriptural focus is more on how can WE become better disciples of Jesus? Are you afraid of the word DISCIPLE? A disciple is simply someone who is learning. We are all learning more about the depth of our God and our faith. God is not searching for PhD. theologians. When he chose his apostles he did not select from “scholars of the law”. He selected fishermen, tax collectors, tent makers etc. He chose ORDINARY PEOPLE. He did not ask them to go to school but to open their hearts and minds to what he said and did. He asked them to get to know him as a person. As we hear the readings and homilies this summer keep asking the same question, “How can I become a better disciple of Jesus?” For most of us, that does not mean moving miles from home; Jesus needs good disciples right here. It does not mean changing jobs; how would a good disciple act while doing my job? It does not mean moving away from family; how would a good disciple act in my family? A disciple never “graduates”; a disciple always has to keep learning. Do you feel threatened about becoming a better disciple? Think of Jesus as a coach, not as a judge. When we were baptized, we became part of a team. Jesus wants us to succeed. Jesus promised to be WITH us. Jesus will give us the TOOLS we need—grace, love and the Holy Spirit. This summer can be special for you, not “ordinary”.

May God bless you in a special way,

Deacon John

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